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A well-designed brand amplifies your company’s culture mobile-opacity-full opacity-half

A well-designed brand amplifies your company’s culture, values, professionalism, and voice.

Grow your brand
Brand Research
Brand Research generates insights to help you achieve your competitive brand, product and customer experience strategies.
We make brand research using intriguing methods to provide you with effective ideas for improving your business!
Brand Identity
We are defined by our ability to craft innovative methods and meticulous attention to detail. We're solution-oriented, and our final execution takes into account a variety of techniques.
We give the brand a carefully developed personality as we move forward, deciding on the language it speaks and the manner it dresses.
Brand Strategy
A brilliant campaign has a simple goal at its core: to win the hearts and minds of consumers. Tikanga, a full-service digital branding agency focusing on digital marketing, integrates strategy, design, text, advertising and research to creatively push your brand.
Brand positioning & architecture

Brand Architecture in the context of business realities

Any company's brand architecture is its road map to success. The structure of the brand architecture should ideally be determined by the role of the brands within the portfolio. It is, however, crucial to define the role of each brand within the architecture and to match each brand with the corporate brand's general concept.
From brand names and slogans that help you stand out and own your place to complete brand guidelines and design systems that enable you to speak and deliver with a clear and consistent brand message, we've got you covered. We set the rules, boundaries, and parameters that will allow you to grow and thrive.
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Adapt with tikanga
“Tikanga assists you in creating and revitalising your brand by establishing regular communication with your clients for them to appreciate it.”
Rebranding & Consultation

Tikanga assists you in creating and revitalising your brand by establishing regular communication with your clients for them to appreciate it.

Do you want to grow your brand and take it to new heights? Looking to refresh your brand's appearance while retaining the spirit of what it stands for? This is where we come in! At Tikanga, our brand strategists examine and analyse your brand, then mould and adapt it to match the new vision you have for the company.
We go deeply into an analytical approach that begins with a current brand analysis and finishes with a new, redesigned brand guideline for all future uses.
Online Reputation Mangement
Control your brands reputation on the web
Well, this is simply the basics of Online Reputation Management. We at Tikanga.in Web Marketing help you take control of the Online visibility of your brand on google search and other important social media and related websites to your business to showcase the correct picture of your brand online.
Online reputation management creates balance, increases your brand value, helps in handling misleading trends, and allows you to put your best foot forward.

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