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digital marketing for a to z collectinos baby store mangalore
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    A to Z Collections
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    Mangalore, India
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    SEO | FB ads | Instagram promotions | Online reputation management


A to Z Collections is a newborn baby product, and children’s clothes store, all under one roof. The shop is situated in the heart on Mangalore city. Although the brand had a popularity by word of mouth, it lacked a brand presence in online platforms. Tikanga helped solve this and gave it an online presence via social media and a website.

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  1. Establish the brands 35 years of reputation as a baby care store online
  2. Create a distinct, recognizable, global brand with the help of logo, color palletes and other brand assets that matched with the brands overall message
  3. Drive new users (soon to be mothers) to check what we offer from the store
  4. Help parents learn more about infants needs via content marketing (Blogs, seminars, general tips, etc)
  5. Emphasize on the brands tagline "Babies & Beyond" so as to show that it also deals with kids and mother care products.


At first we discussed in length with the the owner of the store as to how to approach the marketing. We decided that in order to get effective sales, we would need to market the brand not only online but also offline as the sales would only happen offline. We started with a marketing campaign in some of the maternity hospitals in the city. This way we could directly market to the soon to be parents and showcase our offerings to them. When it comes to a baby care product, its crucial that the brand communicates gentleness and reassurance to the parents(consumers). We did this by using mild colors, typography & content on all our online and print media. This helped us convey the idea of brands reputation with baby care

We figured that the average ideal consumer was aged between 25 - 45 years and targeted only the platforms they were using. We concentrated on operating Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads and marketing initiatives. We also organised an interesting & informative webinar on a relevant topic, which resulted in increased brand recognition. We also published frequently in the print and news media. We discovered that consistency is essential for making a brand memorable.

A landing page was also developed to showcase key products from the store and also give out contact information. The website also served as a platform to give out important info, convert users and also sell products.

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