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Well, this is simply the basics of Online Reputation Management. We at Web Marketing help you take control of the Online visibility of your brand on google search and other important social media and related websites to your business to showcase the correct picture of your brand online. Online reputation management creates balance, increases your brand value, helps in handling misleading trends, and allows you to put your best foot forward.


How we do it?


    We analyze your reviews to understand the sentiment behind them and compile feedback.


    Responding to both positive and negative reviews ensures that yours clients and potential customers understand you’re invested in your business.


    By reinforcing the user’s positive reviews, other users may be compelled to leave reviews, too. Reinforcement occurs online and offline.


    We help you generate more reviews for your My Business profile.


    Our team will prepare a list of actionable items to help you increase review generation and ensure positive feedback.


    Our custom reports take into consideration your goals and objectives and the progress made toward them.

About Online Reputation Management

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Online reputation management is everything about you or your business that shows up online. This includes websites, blog posts, social media, and images. But in practical terms, it’s anything about you that appears in Google search results. If negative links show up, it is important to push them off the first page. A good reputation shows you are an expert in your field, and this translates into getting more business–resulting in more site traffic and more sales. A bad link could mean the loss of clients and prospects.

Because the Internet is the new first impression, and people don’t ask for references, they just head to Google. Probably the first thing people do, even when speaking to you on the phone or just after meeting you, is conduct a Google search. Something negative out there can damage your life and business quickly. Nearly as important, having no reputation drives clients to competitors.

The jury is not as undecided on this as they are on the best time and day to send emails. The optimal frequency to contact your customers is one to four times a month. This is the frequency we use for our customers, and our clients see great results with a twice-a-month schedule.

Once a month is fine for keeping your name in front of someone. Two-three times a month leaves enough time in between emails so you don’t become a nuisance. Obviously, four times a month gets you to a weekly consistency. Essentially, you can keep increasing your send frequency as much as you want, but be conscious of your open and unsubscribe rates. When your engagement starts to decline, you know you’ve taken it too far.


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As a new firm we strive to get the best product delivered to our clients. We are proud to say that all our clients so far had only positive feedback to give us. We as a team are constantly learning and understanding the user trends to provide the tools in your hand right now..


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