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We build each of our campaigns to produce the best results possible. Each pay-per-click management campaign is built based on years of research and analysis to better understand web users and different audiences. We've built PPC campaigns for a number of industries in worldwide markets, giving our experts the knowledge to build attractive campaigns that convert. We report in real time to show our clients the value they’re receiving, and we’re constantly monitoring performance in both short- and long-term schedules.

The ad reaches people at the right time. We can do ads for local and also globally. We target your ads to customers in creation countries, Regions or cities. Google AdWords lets you manage your campaign by yourself, or you can call us for more expert strategies. You only have to pay for the result. Pay only for the results. No visit, no free, signing up google AdWords. You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you. In other words, when your advertising is working.


How we do it?


    We connect with each client to learn about their expectations and their history with pay-per-click campaigns.


    Our PPC team builds a strategy for the campaign with a focus on keywords, landing pages, and performance.


    Banner and textual ads are created with each keyword and audience in mind, with custom landing pages


    The pay-per-click campaign is implemented using a variety of tools to ensure an accurate launch on all fronts.


    Our team continues to monitor ad performance to make adjustments based on preset guidelines and optimization.


    We produce unique reports for each of our clients to show them the matrices and help them draw a meaningful conclusion.

About Pay Per Click Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Services

PPC marketing or pay per click marketing refers to the practice of using ads to attract traffic to a website or a specific webpage. In this marketing model, a client usually bids for keywords related to his niche or business within an advertising platform. The advertising platform tries to match the advertiser with a relevant audience who are searching for information associated with the same keyword. Once a person searches for the keywords selected by the advertiser, he will be automatically shown the ads written by the advertiser along with the search query results. The advertiser, in this case, will only be charged if the person clicks on one of the ads and visits his website or webpage. So, this results in a win-win situation for all the parties involved as the advertiser gets targeted traffic for his website, and the searcher can find the product/service related to his search query easily by clicking on the ad for the specific product/service.

- There is no specific figure when it comes to the cost of a PPC campaign as you have the freedom to choose your budget and PPC ad platforms also allow you to choose your bid for each keyword, along with a daily budget of an ad group or a PPC campaign. The cost of a PPC ad campaign depends upon the bid and quality score of an ad. Some industries have high competition, and this leads to very high bids as there are keywords that cost you more for a single click. Although, in most cases, you can get low traffic keywords and bid less and get more leads.

So, the cost of a PPC ad campaign will pretty much depend on several factors which may vary from one advertiser to another.

Google Ads allows you to show your PPC on Google search results and other partner sites which participate in Google ads via their AdSense program for publishers. Bing Ads, on the other hand, allows advertisers to show their PPC ads next to the search results on Bing search engine, Yahoo and MSN sites and other web properties owned by Yahoo and Microsoft. Yahoo used to have its ad platform a few years ago but abandoned it in favor of a partnership with Microsoft which allowed Yahoo to cooperate closely with Bing. Travel websites are able to specifically target travel websites as a whole, or identify the specific websites they wish to appear on.


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As a new firm we strive to get the best product delivered to our clients. We are proud to say that all our clients so far had only positive feedback to give us. We as a team are constantly learning and understanding the user trends to provide the tools in your hand right now..


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