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Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service.

Learn about the perks of email marketing, methods do it right, and how it compares to some other forms of marketing.


How we do it?


    We create campaigns and design the desired and required mail design and message

  • TEST

    We do tests through browsers, email clients, device checks and then we go ahead

  • SEND

    We either sent the mail immediately or set scheduled time.


    We measure the opens and clicks recipient activity, generate leads or sales.


    We submit a clean report to the client email usage, conversion rate, bounce rate, subscribe and unsubscribe rate, etc.

About E-Mail Marketing

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Email marketing is a way of reaching many people at once to encourage them to do business with you. However, it’s important that email marketers keep their end goals in mind (sales, conversions, web traffic, etc.), and execute their strategy in a way that leads their subscribers to willingly complete the desired action. This approach builds audience trust through emails, thus increasing the sender’s credibility and getting that sender closer to their desired goal.

Your email list should include past, current and potential customers, friends, family, and past coworkers. From there, you can branch out to neighbors, acquaintances, and contacts from clubs and organizations. It’s also important that you give people plenty of opportunities to sign up for your email list through opt-in boxes on your website and blog

Email marketing is only as successful as the email list. A large email list doesn’t automatically equal success, though so make sure that you’re growing your list with the right people. If they’re not actively engaged with you or interested in what you have to say, your email marketing efforts will be for naught.

The jury is not as undecided on this as they are on the best time and day to send emails. The optimal frequency to contact your customers is one to four times a month. This is the frequency we use for our customers, and our clients see great results with a twice-a-month schedule.

Once a month is fine for keeping your name in front of someone. Two-three times a month leaves enough time in between emails so you don’t become a nuisance. Obviously, four times a month gets you to a weekly consistency. Essentially, you can keep increasing your send frequency as much as you want, but be conscious of your open and unsubscribe rates. When your engagement starts to decline, you know you’ve taken it too far.


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