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  • Sector
    Portfolio Website
  • Client
    Cliferd John building & Construction Materials Trading LLC, UAE
  • Scope of work
    To design a portfolio website.


Cliferd John Building & Construction Materials Trading specialises in glass fittings, fasteners, aluminium fittings, spider fittings, shower accessories, and other building materials provider in Dubai, UAE.

Cliferd John takes pride in offering high-quality tools and products for both the outdoor and indoor environment. They have a market in and around Dubai. They are notable for being in the industry for over 25 years.


  • Despite having a strong physical presence, Clifford John did not have a well-established online presence.
  • The client desired to create their own unique website. However, they did not previously have a website.
  • The client's major concern was to have a portfolio website developed to highlight the wide range of services and goods that they provided.

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First iteration website

To begin, multiple meetings were held between the client and Tikanga's design, web, and content teams in order to develop a common understanding. This resulted in hours of brainstorming sessions between the design and web teams in order to come up with a plan of action.

The design team worked their magic to create an aesthetically pleasing, modern, and minimal website. The clients then approved the web design for the next step in the process. Following that, our web team organized the web pages and merged them in a logical order.

Tikanga's content and SEO teams worked together to ensure that the brand image and identity were properly represented to visitors and primed for conversion into clients. The end product was a clean, modern, and user-friendly space in which Cliferd John Building Materials can keep growing.

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